Teaching on OpenClassrooms

I studied art at Brown University and for my master's degree at Sotheby's. I also studied at the Université Paris-Sorbonne in France. As part of my arts education, I did studio work, collaborated with museums and galleries, and built hypothetical art collections for NASA in grad school.

After finishing my master's degree, I worked with artists and makers at Kickstarter. It felt important to understand how a platform that enabled such creativity worked behind the scenes, so I learned to code! I dove into coding so fervently that I eventually moved to the Kickstarter engineering team full-time. You can read more about my transition from the arts to coding in this interview.

Coaching at Rails Girls in Helsinki

Coaching at Rails Girls in Helsinki

While at Kickstarter, I also developed a passion for translation and international experiences online. For a company Hack Day, I build a French version of Kickstarter called Kicksartre. This was a sign of French things to come!

After Kickstarter, I was a Ruby developer for Blue Bottle ("the Apple of coffee"), which is based in the Bay Area. I worked on cool projects like internationalization and site redesigns and enjoyed exploring San Francisco and Oakland.

I then moved to Paris, France, where I've taught more than 125,000 people how to code and design at OpenClassrooms, Europe's largest online education platform. I'm also the director of Women Who Code Paris and have spoken at Google about women, education, and technology. You can read about my life as a teacher in this Le Monde article.

Speaking at Google

Speaking at Google

I've spent my whole career in tech, not despite my arts background, but because of it. Creativity and technology can go much further hand-in-hand. Learning is also the bomb, so bringing all sorts of people into tech is my favorite part of what I do.

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Emily was of great help and inspiration to me. She is smart and gets things done but her most rare trait is that ability to make an entire team feel her enthusiasm to achieve a common mission together.
— Patrick O'Malley, former Head of Product at Yahoo!

Emily est une personne brillante, dotée à la fois de capacités créatives, d’écoute et d’analyse. J’ai été amené à recruter plus de 100 personnes pour OpenClassrooms depuis sa création en 2007, et je peux confirmer que la combinaison de ces compétences est très rare chez une personne. Ses compétences, tant techniques qu’humaines, ne font aucunement débat au sein de notre société.
— Mathieu Nebra, cofounder of OpenClassrooms

Emily is not only very intelligent from a scholarly perspective, but she is a magnetic personality who seems to have an innate ability to effortlessly engage in constructive, honest discussion and lively discourse.
— Tom McNulty, NYU and Sotheby's professor